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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Won’s Academy shall empower its students to realize their full potential that they may open doors to new and diverse opportunities, while also positioning themselves as ethical, diligent, and pioneering global citizens.

Our Vision

To achieve our mission of empowering students for the future, we at Won’s Academy shall:
Teach our students to plan and think logically, critically, and independently, even as they learn to work collaboratively; Encourage our students to exceed their expectations of themselves by presenting them with opportunities to challenge themselves; and Foster a culture of respect and tolerance of others and a culture of mutual support by peers, parents, faculty, and administration alike.

Why Won's Academy?

Flexible Schedule:

Students can enroll in our courses at any time after the course’s start date, provided that they commit to catching up by watching the lectures, all of which will be recorded and made available to our students, and

High Quality Instruction:

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced individuals who have stellar reputations in the community. Our first priority is making sure that the students master the content.

Holistic Learning:

We take a holistic approach to education, so content mastery is more important than the score on any one test or grade. Students will be given opportunities to remediate assessments on which they scored below 93%, if their overall grade in the class is below 93%.
Furthermore, we work with our students individually to ensure mastery of the course material, offering individualized time to respond to the needs of students who may require additional assistance to achieve content mastery.


Our tuition is competitive with other private schools. We offer discounts to families enrolling more than one child, military families, and single mothers.

Meet Our Teachers

Won Suh, JD

Head of School, Director of Secondary Education, Instructor